Greg always takes on any tasks, does not wait on others to tell what and how to do things

He presents excellent work attitude, very friendly, always helping others

Instead of pushing work to others he willingly accepts any new tasks and responsibilities

He loves risk taking. He can quickly research technology or any other issue and was able to come up with solutions instead of barriers

He leverages internal and external information resources to determine the best practices and how to implement them. He then brings the information to the rest of the team so all will benefit

Very friendly, asking others if they need anything, etc.

He is honest, always says what is on his mind

Putting a lot of work towards project’s immediate goals (milestone dates, go-live dates, etc.)

He listens to others, will do everything to reply asap

People feel comfortable giving ideas, bringing up issues, discussing tasks with Greg

As a System Analyst, Greg played a key role in various technical tracks of the projects

Greg played a major role in gathering security requirements and designing processes to comply with security standards. This included identifying highly confidential data elements, storage and transfer

On this very complex project Greg reviewed, analyzed and provided technical leadership. His vast knowledge contributed to and benefited all phases of this project.  His experience allowed him to identify all business and technical risks. He always provided alternative solutions

Since the beginning Greg was involved in all phases of this project including estimating. He assisted and completed many PM tasks whenever asked for help

Greg was a member of multiple teams before and his extensive knowledge of other systems helped this project. I can definitely he say he was a true Subject Matter Expert and he loves to connect large systems.

Greg is extremely valuable resource to us. We will benefit a lot from his vast education, knowledge, experience, technical leadership skills and the way he works with others

Greg was influential in the planning process from the beginning.  He made sure that nothing fell through the cracks and was always fully engaged.  Greg is always ready to innovate

Greg was the lead in coming up with solutions, building and implementing these solutions.  He also coached and trained other developers on this project