Welcome! We are glad you have found us. Learn about our services and professional help we offer to help you grow your business. As you already know technology is now required to run a successful business. We offer help in many technology areas such as: ERP/CRM systems setup, networking, databases, website design and hosting, custom development, backup strategy and more.

I offer can-do attitude with 15 years of experience in number of technologies and information systems. I would love to utilize my skills and knowledge in a challenging environment where quality, timeliness and client/user satisfaction are top priorities.

I love technology and I enjoy working with users. I would love to be able to use both my strengths to benefit my employer and clients to accomplish desired business goals.

Education, broad, real-world experience, vast knowledge and feedback I get make me comfortable taking on new and challenging opportunities. I know I can deliver with quality to meet expectations and benefit your organization.

I always quickly gain trust and confidence, which allows for better conversations and relationships not only with technology partners, but also with business clients. In my opinion honest relationships build better solutions.

Why us?

  • Experience
  • Dedication
  • Local
  • Attitude
  • Respect
  • Hard work