Just to help others. Recently I purchased Canon MX870 printer. It supports wireless printing, scanning, etc. It replaced HP C6180. To summarize HP – nothing but problems. Wireless was very hard to setup, I was replacing ink too often, the software was big and bad. We are talking about almost 500MB software…Local Staples had it for $129, but when I went there last weekend they had MX870 for just $99, no rebates, etc. – instant rebate. Nice.

I was able to setup the printer in literally few minutes, nothing unusual, all was typical. Wireless printing worked right away and I have ADF now. One issue I noticed was that I could not scan. I left it for few days. I thought it was because of the wireless. I searched pretty good Canon website, found few ideas. They recommend reinstalling drivers, disabling firewall and creating another admin account, but nothing worked. Last recommendation was to move other TWAIN drivers our of C:\Windows\twain_32 folder. Of course HP drivers or files were still there. I had my webcam and MX870 connected using USB folders there. I just removed HP folder and immediately MP Navigator software used for scanning started to work. I disconnected USB cable and it still works.

Detail instructions are here:

Big thumbs up for Canon MX870.

FYI: They now have MX882. I did not see major changes to warrant $50 more…

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